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Firing up and flame control equipment

The torch handle with FH-1630-PIE piezoelemen
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The torch handle with FH-1630-PIE piezoelement At the time of pressing the valve of the handle supply of gas and ignition is carried out by its built-in piezoelement. Gas nozzles connect to the handle by means of a special bayonetny clip. Torch hose connector carving: R 3/8", left.
Group: Torches
Torch assembled FH-1630-S-TS1
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Torch assembled FH-1630-S-TS1 The set consists of a nozzle of BN38, the FH-1630-S-HNZ handle and a hose of a high pressure of SW5 (5 m).
Group: Torches
Reducer of FH-1630-PIE-R1 of constant pressure
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Reducer of FH - 1630 - PIE - R1 of constant pressure It is applied to gas cylinders with the VB - 1 gate. The carving corresponds to a carving of all hoses of a torch of FH - 1630. Gas consumption: max. 6 kg/h Constant pressure: The 2nd bar Carving under a hose: R 3/8" LH the Carving under the...
Group: Torches
Automatic safety lock of FH-1630-PIE-CV
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Automatic safety lock of FH - 1630 - PIE - CV Is established between a hose like SW4, SW5 or SW10 and a reducer of constant pressure for shutdown of supply of gas at damage of the handle of a torch or hose. Carving: R 3/8" LH
Group: Torches


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